Stuffy nose, sneezing and nasal drainage are problems for some patients for one season of the year, and for others year round. If you’re not happy with your current allergy therapy, or want to know what else can be done, we can help. Dubuque ENT has provided allergy services since the early 1970’s.

Dr. Benda is a Fellow of the American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy, meaning he has undertaken extra study in allergy and asthma, including passing the AAOA Fellowship exam.  He oversees the allergy program at Dubuque ENT.  Each of the other physicians are also qualified to evaluate patients for allergy and provide treatment.   Because they are also expert in treating diseases of the nose and sinuses, ENT allergists are best equipped to get the bottom of your nasal problems.

Dubuque ENT’s allergy department provides skin testing, blood testing, patch testing, and allergy shots. We also now provide sublingual drops for immunotherapy. See below for more information.

  • Allergy Skin testing
  • Allergy blood tests
  • Food Allergy testing
  • Pulmonary Function tests
  • Allergy shots
  • Sublingual Immunotherapy
  • Allergy medications

Interested in our Testing and Treatment options for allergies? Contact Dubuque ENT Head & Neck Surgery PC in Dubuque, IA by filling our Contact Form or calling (563) 588-0506 today!