Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Lazer Dubuque ENT is committed to providing full service facial skin care to our 
patients, and we are excited to bring advanced laser skin rejuvenation to 
Dubuque. The Palomar Icon from Cynosure and Lightmed KTP 532
platforms are some of the most advanced laser skin systems available. 


What Conditions can be treated by laser and light?

  • Broken Capillaries
  • Rosacea
  • Cherry Hemangiomas
  • Pigmented lesions / dark spots / age spots
  • Acne scars
  • Surgical scars
  • Wrinkles
  • Excess facial and body hair
  • Enlarged pores
  • Ruddy skin complexion


What is a Laser? 

A laser is a focused beam of light of a specific wavelength (color) which selectively targets certain molecules within the skin, designed to achieve a specific result. Laser wavelengths may selectively target melanin, the pigment within the skin, to remove brown spots or destroy hair follicles. They may target hemoglobin within blood, to vaporize tiny blood vessels and red flushing within the skin. They can also target water within our skin to  eliminate the outer layers of skin with age and sun damage, or penetrate eeper to cause skin tightening. Lasers can be classified as ablative and non-ablative. Non-ablative lasers cause a more gentle gradual improvement in skin texture and lesions with minimal downtime or discomfort. Ablative lasers vaporize and remove layers of skin, to cause a more rapid and dramatic improvement in skin appearance.

What conditions can be treated with Laser and Light treatments? 
Brown spots, red spots, flushing and rosacae, spider veins and telangiectasias, large pores, rough skin texture, unwanted hair, acne 
scars, surgical scars, other scars, stretch marks, loose eyelid skin, many other conditions. 


Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) 

SkinMaxG IPL is the most advanced IPL system in the industry. Treatments are 
specifically tailored to treat pigmented skin blotches and patches 
associated with aging and sun damage, as well as troublesome spider veins, 
broken capillaries, and flushing associated with Rosacea. Dynamic spectrum 
shifting technology allows us to selectively target melanin skin pigment 
that causes brown spots, as well as selectively target superficial blood 
vessels in the upper layers of the skin, and deeper blood vessels as well. 
A series of 3-5 treatments may be required for stubborn areas, but 
immediate improvement is noticed after each treatment. There is minimal 
discomfort, and topical numbing creams are not required. There may be some 
mild flaking and pink quality to the skin after the treatment, but there is 
no downtime and patients can return to normal activity the same day. 
IPL treatments are often repeated 3-4 times per year to maintain the 
youthful appearance of the skin. 


KTP "green light" laser

A KTP or "green light" laser precisely targets blood vessels and unwanted pigmented lesions in the skin. When treating blood vessels, these are precisely traced out and are eliminated at the time of treatment. A series of 3 treatments is usually necessary to keep the vessels from returning. Similarly, pigmented lesions are precisely traced out, and will darken and flake off after 7-10 days. There is typically no downtime with this treatment, though your doctor will instruct you on how to take care of the skin after treatment.

Lux 1540 Fractional Nonablative Resurfacing 

Skin and Hair

The Lux 1540 is a Fractional, non-ablative erbium laser used to treat fine 
lines and wrinkles, scarring, brown spots, stretch marks, and for skin 
tightening and improvement is overall skin tone and texture. Fractional 
technology means that thousands of microscopic channels of coagulation are 
created in the skin, stimulating new organized collagen production, and 
turning-on the body's natural repair mechanisms. Fractional technology 

allows for much more rapid healing than traditional laser resurfacing. 
There is no bleeding, and there is minimal downtime with the procedure. A 
procedure may take 30-40 minutes to complete, and a patient may or may not 
even need topical numbing cream applied. After the procedure, there may be 
some mild swelling and a sensation of stinging like a mild sunburn. There 
can be mild swelling for 2-5 days, along with pinkish skin, flaking, and 
bronzing. These symptoms are a signal that the skin's repair mechanisms 
are reactivating. A series of 3-5 treatments may be needed for dramatic 
results, but the results of each treatment are visible after the flaking 
and swelling subside. The Lux 1540 uses a cooling sapphire crystal to 
improve comfort. The XD crystal is designed for deeper treatments, and uses 
micropoint compression technology to displace water from the skin surface, 
allowing for deeper penetration of the laser than is achieved with any 
other 1540 system (such as Fraxel brand systems). The XF crystal allows for 
more rapid superficial treatments. Lux 1540 treatments are often repeated 
1-2 times per year to maintain the youthful appearance of the skin. 



Lux 2940 Fractional Ablative Resurfacing 

Skin and Hair

The Lux 2940 is a fractional, ablative erbium laser used to treat fine and 
deep wrinkles, pigmentation, and skin texture irregularities. It can be 
used to treat acne scars as well as surgical and traumatic scars. It can 
also be used to remove precancerous lesions on the skin surface. Fractional 
ablative technology allows for thousands of microchannels to be introduced 
into the skin, vaporizing these areas of skin damage and irregularity. The 
surrounding intact skin has no thermal damage, which allows for rapid 
healing. This is an improvement over traditional CO2 laser treatments, 
which had slow healing due to full-field skin removal and excessive thermal 
damage. This procedure has moderate discomfort, and topical numbing creams 
are used along with skin cooling to minimize this discomfort. The level of 
ablation can be precisely controlled, and can deliver a "micropeel" with 
minimal downtime, as well as a "deep peel" for more dramatic results. 
Deeper treatments are accompanied by a few hours of pinpoint bleeding, 
about 2 days of weeping from the skin surface, followed by several days of 
a pinkish hue to the skin. By 4 days after the procedure, cosmetic products 
can be used to cover the pinkish hue, and patients can return to normal 
social interactions. 1-2 treatments are required to achieve the optimal 



Combination treatments 


MaxG and Lux 1540 

This is one of the most popular combination treatments. It is a minimal 
downtime procedure, allowing patients with busy active lifestyles to still 
achieve dramatic results. It targets the red and brown discoloration of the 
skin, as well as achieves deep heating to activate the skin's repair 
mechanisms, eliminating age and sun damage, and giving a more youthful 
refreshed appearance. 


Lux 1540 and 2940 

The combination of the non-ablative and ablative erbium treatments offers 
dramatic results with a minimum number of treatments, and much less 
downtime than traditional laser resurfacing treatments. It allows for 
removal of surface irregularities of the skin such as large pores, texture 
irregularity, and also achieves skin tightening and restoration. It is a 
popular "Thursday procedure", meaning that patients are able to return to 
work and the public eye after 4 days. 1-2 treatments achieve the optimal 



At Dubuque ENT, we are members of the American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery.  This membership is awarded only after rigorous training and demonstration of quality.  You can be assured that your treatments wll be performed safely and effectively.