Laser Treatments at Dubuque ENT

Dubuque ENT is committed to providing full service facial skin care to our patients, and we are excited to bring advanced laser skin rejuvenation to Dubuque using some of the most advanced laser skin systems available.  Our doctors and aestheticians are skilled and experienced in these procedures, helping you to look your best.  Dr. Givens has credentials you can trust: He is a Fellow of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, and dual board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgery, and the American Board of Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery.  Our office currently has eight different lasers, to maximize the amount of conditions that can be treated, and maximize your results.

Laser Treatments

What Conditions can be treated by laser and light?

What is a Laser?

A laser is a focused beam of light of a specific wavelength (color) which selectively targets certain molecules within the skin, designed to achieve a specific result. Laser wavelengths may selectively target melanin, the pigment within the skin, to remove brown spots or destroy hair follicles. They may target hemoglobin within blood, to vaporize tiny blood vessels and red flushing within the skin. They can also target water within our skin to  eliminate the outer layers of skin with age and sun damage, or penetrate deeper to cause skin tightening.


BBL+, BBL HERO – Broadband light (IPL Photofacial), Forever Young BBL

Treats sun damage, dark spots, unwanted blood vessels, and rosacea.  No downtime

BBL+ BBL HERO by Sciton is a no-downtime laser treatment designed to reduce pigmentation, redness, age spots, and sun spots.  No numbing cream is required, and there is minimal discomfort to the treatment.  Our BBL+ BBL HERO system is the most advanced light based treatment on the market.  It has 4x the speed, 3x the power, and 2x the cooling of the previous generation device which translates into better results, fewer treatments required, and more comfortable treatments.  Also for the first time, BBL allows for fast and safe treatments on areas of the body like the neck, chest, arms, hands, and legs to reduce the appearance of aging and sun damage.

Forever Young BBL+ uses the BBL technology to change the biological gene expression of the skin, making skin appear and behave biologically younger.  After a corrective BBL+ to reduce sun damage, patients choose to maintain their results with 2-4 treatments per year.

KTP “green light” laser and Nd:yag laser

Spot treatment for dark spots or unwanted blood vessels, no downtime

A KTP or “green light” laser precisely targets blood vessels and unwanted pigmented lesions in the skin. When treating blood vessels, these are precisely traced out and are eliminated at the time of treatment. A series of 3 or more treatments is usually necessary to keep the vessels from returning. Similarly, pigmented lesions are precisely traced out, and will darken and flake off after 7-10 days. There is typically no downtime with this treatment, though your doctor will instruct you on how to take care of the skin after treatment.  Similar to IPL, dark spots will become darker before they flake off.

An Nd:yag laser is another type of vascular laser, used to target deeper blood vessels in the skin.  Contact cooling is used to minimize discomfort to the procedure, which is otherwise similar to the KTP laser.

Fast Laser Hair Removal

Comfortable treatment for permanent hair reduction, no downtime

A diode laser with a cooled sapphire crystal is used to treat unwanted hair in any area.  Common areas treated include the face, legs, armpits, bikini line, and back.  This laser can be pulsed slowly to precisely treat smaller areas such as the face, or can be pulsed up to 10 times per second and rapidly moved across the treatment area for painless treatments.  Six or more treatment sessions spaced at least a month apart may be required for full removal.  The reason for this, is that the hairs must be targeted at the optimum time of their growth cycle, and different hair follicles are in different growth phases at any given time.  Only hairs with pigment (not blonde or grey) will respond.  The patient should refrain from plucking or waxing within a month of treatment.  There is no downtime with this procedure; afterwards small bumps will resolve quickly, and hairs will extrude from the follicle (appearing to grow).

Tattoo Removal

Reduction of many colors of tattoo ink, no downtime

A Q switch Nanosecond laser is used to target multiple colors of tattoo ink.  Sky blue, bright green, and yellow tan will not respond with this laser.  Treatment is fast, but there is some discomfort associated with treatment.  Multiple sessions will be required, but a response is noted after each treatment.  The tattoo ink commonly darkens after treatment, followed by formation of a crust on the skin which then flakes off.  Treatments are spaced at least 4-8 weeks apart.

Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing

Gold-standard for wrinkle reduction, skin texture and color improvement, and tightening.  7 days downtime

Our Fraxis® “dot laser” uses a rapid scanner to quickly treat the entire face.  The doctor will adjust the settings to maximize results and minimize downtime.  “Fractional” resurfacing means that thousands of individual tiny laser pulses are fired, and are separated by untreated skin.  This allows for more rapid healing and recovery, and minimizes chances of side effects.  Topical numbing cream and nerve blocks, along with forced cold air cooling (Zimmer chiller) are used to make the treatment painless.  Treatment of the whole face may take 10-15 minutes.  After treatment, there will be some oozing and crusting of the skin, and an emollient ointment such as aquaphor must be worn for 5-7 days.  After this initial healing time, the skin is healed but will be pink, and coverup can be worn.  At this point the skin is described as “baby’s butt smooth”, and tightening continues to occur for 6 months after treatment.  This treatment can be combined with a Selphyl® PRF (next generation PRP) application and Lightstim healing LED treatment  to further reduce inflammation and speed healing.

Secret RF (Radiofrequency Microneedling)

Best in class treatment for acne scarring and nonsurgical skin tightening.  1-2 days downtime.

Radiofrequency microneedling is a relatively new type of energy-based treatment.  During this treatment, a microneedling array delivers 64 tiny gold-plated needles to a set depth within the skin.  Both deeper and more superficial depths can be targeted during the same treatment.  The device then delivers radiofrequency through the needles, causing tissue tightening and gentle nonablative resurfacing.  Numbing cream along with forced cold air cooling (Zimmer chiller) is used to make this a painless treatment.  This is an ideal treatment for skin of color, because there is minimal chances of the complications that can occur with laser treatments in darker skin tones.  It is an ideal treatment for acne scarring, because it disrupts the scar bands that tether the acne scars within the skin.  It is also excellent for nonsurgical skin tightening, and is the next generation technology beyond well known treatments such as Thermage® and Ultherapy®.  After treatment, there is some mild redness for 1-2 days after treatment.  Often, a series of 3 treatments are performed one month apart, and ongoing improvements are seen 6 months out from the last treatment.

Erbium Micropeel (weekend peel) and nanopeel (lunchtime peel)

Laser micropeel to smooth the outer skin texture, no downtime

An Erbium : Yag laser is an ablative laser, meaning that it vaporizes the surface layers of the skin.  Energy can be varied to remove skin to various depths.  During the Micropeel or lunchtime peel, only the outer damaged stratum corneum layer is removed, and there is no downtime.  This is performed without numbing cream, and takes about 15 minutes for a complete facial treatment.

Lightstim Healing LED Array

Healing facial light treatment, no downtime

The Lightstim array is a popular add-on treatment, but can be performed on its own as well.  The LED array is placed over the face for 20-30 minutes, and is used to speed the healing process.  Over the past few years, the medical field has learned more about the “photobiomodulation” effect of certain wavelengths of light.  This means that certain light colors stimulate certain processes in the skin.  The Lightstim Healing array combines light red, dark red, infrared, and deep infrared wavelengths to decrease inflammation, decrease bruising, and stimulate production of healthy collagen and other skin structures.   Our facelift, blepharoplasty, and CO2 laser patients can enjoy daily treatments at no cost to help speed the healing process.