Laser Treatment of Pigmented Lesions and Age Spots

Many people have a genetic tendency to develop scattered discolorations in the skin.  Age and sun damage can accellerate this process, and these areas can become unsightly, requiring excessive amounts of makeup and coverup.  At Dubuque ENT, we use several types of laser treatments to help reduce discoloration and eliminate brown spots.

Spot treatment

For spot treatment, we routinely use the KTP green light laser and the Q-switch laser (also used to remove tattoos).  The treatment can usually be performed same day as your consultation.  Using these lasers which have small spot size, the pigmented areas are “traced out”.  Treatment has minimal discomfort (feels like pins and needles) and is very fast.  With spot treatments, there is often darkening of the pigmented lesion, which then flakes off after 4-10 days.  The Q-switch laser treatments are slightly more aggressive, and there can be some mild stinging and itching, and occasional bruising if an aggressive treatment is performed.  1-3 treatments may be required for laser spot treatments.

Whole face treatment

When it comes to whole-face rejuvenation, nothing beats the IPL (intense pulsed light) photofacial.  This treatment improves brown spots, red spots, and even improves collagen formation and overall tone and texture of the skin.  During the treatment, a cool crystal and cooling gel are used to pass the light energy into the skin.  Please see the IPL page for more details.

Other treatments

When a patient is interested in whole-face skin rejuvenation to improve brown spots and discoloration as well as fine lines and wrinkles and tone and texture, we choose the fractional CO2 laser or the erbium:yag laser.  These treatments require more downtime, but deliver impressive results.