BBL – Broadband Light (aka IPL Intense Pulsed Light Photofacial

Treats sun damage, dark spots, unwanted blood vessels, and rosacea.  No downtime

BBL treatments are designed to treat age and sun damage within the skin, with no downtime.  Specifically, BBL is extremely effective in reducing brown spots, redness and broken blood vessels.  Sciton is the most advanced manufacturer of the IPL/BBL laser, and recently released BBL+HERO (high-energy, rapid-output).  This is a monumental advance in laser technology, allowing for more precise cooling and better delivery of energy to the tissue.  For the first time, this allows patients to have safer, faster, and more effective treatment of the skin on the body, such as sun damage on the hands, arms, and legs, along with the neck and decollette.  As part of the Forever Young BBL protocol, skin is shown to look younger, and demonstrate younger gene expression as a result of treatment.

What is the difference between BBL+, BBL, and IPL?

BBL+ BBL HERO stands for High Energy Rapid Output. It is the most monumental advancement in light based treatment, and allows for in-motion treatment (compared to previous stamping treatment) on the face and body. Compared to previous BBL, treatments are faster, more comfortable, allow for treatment with higher levels of energy, which means a more effective treatment and fewer numbers of required treatments.

Our team at Faces medspa has extensive experience with multiple IPL (intense pulsed light) systems. While we were able to offer excellent treatments with these systems, we can honestly say that the BBL+ BBL HERO system offers next-level results. Differences include faster and more effective treatments, less pain, less risk of burns or other side effects, fewer number of required treatments, and ability to safely and quickly on multiple areas of the body.

What conditions can be treated with BBL+

BBL+is effective at reducing sun damage including brown spots and broken blood vessels. It is one of our favorite of many tools that we use to reduce rosacea, facial flushing, hemangiomas, and spider veins. BBL+ also helps to gently tighten and brighten skin, and reduce pore size. Finally, Forever Young BBL+ changes the way our skin behaves, making it biologically behave like younger skin.

What areas can be treated with BBL+ BBL HERO?

While the face is the most popular area that we treat with BBL+, it is very popular to add treatment to the neck and chest (decollete). The combination of face, neck, and chest treatments is so popular because these areas often undergo the same amount of sun damage, and are often visible together.

Whereas previously IPL treatments off the face were painful, potentially unsafe, and lengthy, BBL+ HERO allows for rapid, painless, effective, and safe treatment on the arms, back, legs, and anywhere that sundamage is present.

What does BBL treatment feel like?

BBL+ treatments feel like the snapping of a rubber band. Because of the technological advances in this system, treatments are very comfortable. As the treatment progresses, there is a sensation of warmth in the skin.

What happens to my skin after treatment with BBL+ HERO?

Immediately after treatment, the skin feels warm, and is pink to mildly red. The skin fades to normal color over a few hours. Later that evening and especially the next morning, it is common to have mild swelling. Many of the areas of pigmented sun damage darken immediately after treatment, and more of these areas continue to darken over the next few days. Frequently, these darkened areas will resemble coffee grounds, and can be quite noticeable but well-concealed with cover up. After 7-10 days, these dark areas flake off, revealing healthy refreshed skin.

What is Forever Young BBL+?

Forever Young BBL is a protocol developed by Dr. Patrick Bitter that is included with all BBL+ treatments at Faces Medspa. Forever Young causes the skin to behave biologically younger, by expressing genes that are expressed in younger skin. Please see further information at this website (choose international page)

What this means, is that patients treated with Forever Young BBL+ have clearer, brigher, firmer skin with reduced pore size and improved collagen content.

After patients complete their corrective BBL+ to reduce pigment and redness, it is very popular to continue Forever Young BBL+ treatments 2-4 times per year to maintain results and acheive ongoing anti-aging benefits.

After just one treatment of IPL