Moxi Laser is Faces Medspa’s newest addition to our lineup of laser treatments. This brand-new treatment offers no-downtime laser resurfacing for all skin types, year round. It can be customized from levels 1-3 for a different treatment intensity. The true strength of this treatment is it’s ability to offer results with absolutely no downtime. It is perfect for patients with busy active lives, professionals, or those who cannot take time to recover from a more aggressive treatment. It is also an excellent treatment for patients with melasma.

Moxi laser treatment levels

Level 1 moxi laser treatments “prevent and refresh” the skin. It is great for patients in their 20s and early 30s, with minimal sun damage, who are looking for “prejuvenation“. This means we can prevent skin damage before it accumulates. Patients do not need numbing cream for treatment, which takes about 5 minutes. There is no downtime or recovery, and patients can go about their daily life immediately after treatments. Results include smoother skin and reduced pigmentation

Level 2 moxi laser treatments “revitalize and maintain” our skin. They are excellent for patients who have had more aggressive resurfacing (such as erbium or fractional CO2 laser) who want to maintain their results. They are also great for patients in their 30s and early 40s who want to use a series of treatments to reduce pigmentation and improve skin texture. Patients may or may not choose numbing cream. There is no downtime and patients may return immediately to daily life.

Level 3 moxi treatments “transform and renew” the skin. This is the most aggressive programmed treatment, and is excellent to rejuvenate skin that has sun and age damage including pigment and textural changes. For full improvement, patients may choose to combine moxi laser with BBL+ laser treatments, and perform a series of multiple treatments. Patients may or may not choose numbing cream. There is no downtime and patients may return immediately to daily life.

What does moxi laser treatment feel like?

Moxi laser treatment feels like a small amount of heat and tingling in the skin. If patients choose numbing cream, they will just feel a small amount of warmth. Numbing cream is not necessary for levels 1-2, but many patients will choose it for level 3 treatment.

What is the recovery from moxi laser?

There is no downtime after moxi laser treatments. As with all skin treatments, we recommend sun protection to ensure the best healing of the skin. Typically, the skin will be pink to light red for 1-2 days after treatment. Starting on day 2, patients will feel a sandpaper texture to the skin. After day 3-4, these sand-like granules flake off of the skin, revealing a very smooth skin texture.

Can moxi laser be combined with other treatments?

Yes! We commonly recommend combining moxi with BBL+ for further improvement in pigment and redness reduction and improvement in pore size and skin tone.

We also recommend combining moxi with SecretRF fractional radiofrequency microneedling to add improvement in skin tightening, lines, and wrinkles.

A hydrafacial treatment 1 week after moxi laser treatment helps to clear skin debris, infuse antioxidants, and synergistically improve results.

For patients with melasma, moxi is an excellent addition to treatments such as nanosecond q-switched 1064 laser, microneedling with txa, and chemical peels

What areas can be treated with moxi laser?

Moxi laser is safe for any area on the body. Most commonly we perform treatment on the face, however the addition of the face and neck and hands are very popular as well. Additionally, the scalp can be treated to stimulate hair growth, as supported by scientific publications

What skin types can be treated with moxi laser?

Moxi laser is safe for all skin types I-VI, from pale to deeply pigmented. It is safe any time of year, without risk of pigment disruption.