Decreasing Wrinkles

Botox and Dysport are similar medicines that are injected into the skin of the face to control muscle movement and decrease wrinkles.  Common uses include forehead lines, “11” lines between the eyebrow, and Crow’s feet.  Botox can also be used to sculpt facial expression, causing a relaxed and refreshed appearance, reduced frown lines, and cause a “botox brow lift”.

Botox® Improves Skin Appearance

Everyone has unique expressions. We move our facial muscles in a repetitive way and over time those repetitive movements cause wrinkles and fine lines.  When you start to experience the signs of aging, Botox® is available to diminish unwanted wrinkles and creases in your face.

Results from Botox® are visible within two to four days with results that can last anywhere from four to six months.

Botox® cosmetic treatments can be used to improve:

•    Worry lines in your forehead
•    Lines between the eyebrows
•    Smile lines
•    Laugh lines from nose to mouth
•    Crow’s feet

Generally, anyone in good health who has fairly shallow fine lines and wrinkles may be good candidates for Botox® treatments.

Most patients require retreatment to remove wrinkles and lines as they begin to reappear, but after each injection the wrinkles return as less severe as the muscles are trained to relax. The procedure does not require anesthesia and usually takes just a few minutes to perform.  Botox® treatments can help both men and women rejuvenate and revitalize their appearance.


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