The Face and Neck Lift

Aging of the lower face and neck occurs with sagging at the “jowl” along the jawline, deepening of the nasolabial and marionette folds by the mouth and nose, as well as sagging skin along the neck.  When there is excess skin, and drooping tissues of the face, a lower face and neck lift is the procedure of choice.  The procedure is customized to the patient using different facelift techniques.

A “mini lift” is appropriate for mild to moderate sagging along the jawline, without sagging of the neck skin.  This procedure is performed under light anesthesia in our office surgery suite.  A “short scar facelift” incision is created in front and back of the ear.  Skin is lifted, and deep tissues are tightened to allow for a natural instead of a “pulled” look.  Recovery is 4-7 days.

A “plication” facelift or “MACS” lift or “SMAS facelift” is performed when the face needs more lifting, but the patient has minimal time for downtime and recovery (7 days).  A longer incision is performed which is hidden in the crease in front of the ear, behind the ear, and along the hairline.  This is often combined with a “platysmaplasty” to tighten the neck muscles.  Skin is lifted, and deep tissues are tightened with sutures to allow for more sagging skin correction while maintaining a natural look.

A “deep plane” face and neck lift is recognized as the most comprehensive technique to provide long-lasting lifting of the lower face and neck with natural results.  During this procedure, the structures that tether the face in a sagging position are released, and the deep tissue is repositioned, eliminating the need for aggressive tightening.  Excess skin is gently removed.  This results in the most natural appearance, and longest lasting results.  Downtime is 7-14 days.  

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