ENT Services
Our Doctors treat a wide variety of conditions of the head and neck.  Some of the most common conditions are listed below, but please feel free to address other concerns with your doctor.

We partner with local dermatologists to provide the highest quality treatments for facial skin cancers.  These are treated with a technique similar to “MOHS” surgery, where the entire surgical margin is evaluated by a pathologist at the time of your surgery, ensuring complete removal of the cancer.  Our surgeons have special training in facial plastic surgery, and are skilled at reconstruction after your skin cancer, to leave minimal scars.

Whether an adult or child, ear infections can be painful and very disruptive to your life.  Our physicians can perform minimally invasive surgery in the office to help with chronic ear problems, and are also skilled at complex ear surgery when necessary.  Commonly treated conditions include pediatric ear infections, cholesteatoma, otitis externa and draining ear, ear pain and otalgia, otosclerosis and stapedectomy surgery.

The eustachian tube connects the ear to the back of the nose, and is what allows us to pop our ears.  Whether due to sinus infection, allergy, acid reflux, or other causes, sometimes the eustachian tubes do not function properly.  This can cause ear pain and pressure, bothersome popping, and hearing problems due to fluid in the ears.  Also, it can cause problems when travelling in an airplane.  Our doctors are skilled at diagnosis and management of ETD, including the brand-new minimally invasive “Aera” procedure (eustachian tube balloon dilation)

Our doctors provide a full range of hearing care services including diagnosis and management of medical and surgical causes of hearing loss.  Our doctorate-level audiologists provide the highest level of hearing testing and hearing aid services.  Click here for more information on hearing care.

Dizziness can be a devestating problem for many patients.  Common causes include Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), Vestibular neuronitis/labyrinthitis, Meniere’s disease, and vestibular migraine.  Our physicians are skilled in talking with you and examining you to determine the cause of your dizziness, and start the road to recovery.

Ear pain can have many causes including ear infections, eustachian tube dysfunction, referred pain from the throat, and TMJ or jaw muscle pain. 

The physicians at Dubuque ENT are THE local experts in treating nasal and sinus problems includng nasal obstruction or blockage.  A deviated nasal septum, Enlarged inferior turbinates, or nasal valve collapse are structural causes that often require office procedures or surgery to correct.  Additionally, inflammation due to chronic sinusitis or allergic rhititis can be improved by medications.  Newer minimally invasive office procedures such as Turbinoplasty, Vivaer, Latera implant, and Rhinaer are available to help improve nasal breathing, without the downtime traditionally associated with surgery.  If surgery is required, you can be assured that you are in good hands, as our doctors have the best training and are up to date on the latest advancements. 

Nosebleeds or epistaxis occur when the lining of the nose gets too dried out or traumatized, causing thinning.  The nasal blood vessels then rupture, causing bleeding.  Our surgeons can help reduce bleeding with nasal cautery and medical treatments

Smoking and chewing tobacco have long been the most common cause of mouth cancer, tongue cancer, and throat cancer.  HPV or the Human Papilloma Virus is the virus that causes cervical cancer in women, and is also a major cause.  If there is an unexplained and non-healing sore in the mouth, a lump in the neck, or problems with the voice or swallowing, these may be signs of a head and neck cancer.  Our surgeons will work to identify the problem, and expediently get the patient on the road to recovery. 

Using the latest technology in endoscopy, our surgeons are able to view the larynx or voicebox with a high definition image, and diagnose and treat common causes of hoarseness including acid reflux, muscle tension dysphonia, vocal cord polyps and nodules, larynx cancer, vocal cord paralysis, and spasmodic dysphonia.

Our whole life, we take swallowing for granted.  Occasionally medical conditions like stroke, inflammation, Zenker’s diverticulum, and cricopharyngeal achalasia can occur and make it difficult to swallow.  Our surgeons will work to identify the problem, and help the patient regain their ability to swallow normally.  

Using the latest technology in endoscopy, transnasal esophagoscopy, and pH probe testing, our surgeons are able to diagnose and treat the manifestations of acid reflux or GERD.  Patients may choose to undergo pH probe testing to definitively diagnose reflux, instead of a “trial and error” approach with reflux medications.  We are the only office in the area to offer this service.