Top Notch

Dr. Givens and his staff are top notch.

By Michael Voshell

Great physician

Great physician. Intelligent and very friendly. Was very good with my daughter who is 3 and was able to help fix my TMJ when nobody else could. Highly recommend.

By Megan

First Time Visit with Dr Givens – Galena, IL

Excellent results. I saw signifigant results within 2 weeks. There was no charge for a followup visit. Dr Givens was very thorough and caring. He took the time to discuss my goals and to make suggestions for future treatments. There was no pressure to have additional procedures. Dr Givens offered the convenience to schedule with […]

By hjdittmar

Dr. Givens and Botox… a Great Combination! – Dubuque, IA

The results That Dr. Givens has given me with Botox is amazing. I am 59 years old and take good care of myself, but some of the wrinkles I have make me “feel” older than I am. After the Botox my face looks refreshed and rested! The awesome part is that I can walk out […]

By jolene256

Thrilled with my Results – Dubuque, IA

I started to notice wrinkles and bags under my eyes a few months prior to my initial consultation. I tried wrinkle reducing creams, peels and about anything else you could think of to make me feel youthful again to no avail. Luckily my friend had recently received Botox injections from Dr. Givens and he came […]

By ironelf

Aging with Grace – Dubuque, IA

I have had several spa treatments, facials, botox injections in the past years. I have seen Dr. Givens several times in the past year both for botox and juvederm. My skin is very important to me and I try to take very good care of it. Dr. Givens is by far the best doctor I […]

By kellimaykrenz

I Absolutely Love Botox! – Dubuque, IA

At 39 years old I was beginning to see more wrinkles in my forehead. My first Botox injection was a great success. It made all the difference in the world, what a way to feel better about myself. It has been 3 months and I still see the results. It is pricey but worth every […]

By shandelier

Took a Chance….Dubuque, IA

Going on 38, I need Botox for preventative aging, along with helping the tension in my face. I drove 4 hours away to get it, but not since 2012. I was sick of driving. Wasn’t going even a couple of hours away with friends, so I took a shot in the dark. I researched people […]

By tbrandt78

57: My Neck Was Giving Me Wrinkles (Due to my Cringing) – Dubuque, IA

I began conscientious skin care at about age 40. That being, regular facials & good skin care products (always use sunscreen). At about age 49 I began regular Botox, then began fillers shortly after that. I became sad about the appearance of my neck & jowls in 2013 & had Thermage that December. I felt […]

By astitchintime

Great Experience – Dubuque, IA

I was very impressed with Dr. Givens being much younger and new to the clinic. I had went to another provider there before this. He took his time and made me feel very comfortable. The results have been great and he use less than my last doctor. So it cost me less and results were […]

By jvannatta12