The physicians at Dubuque ENT are excited to offer an new service to our patients. A “virtual visit” allows the patient to video chat with their physician, from the comfort, safety, and privacy of their own home.

What conditions can be treated with telemedicine? Many ENT conditions are well suited to telemedicine visits. For example, cold or sinus symptoms, throat pain, and dizziness can be evaluated by telemedicine.

What do I need to be able to participate in a telemedicine visit? You will need a smartphone, tablet, or computer with a webcam and high-speed data service. Android users should have the latest version of the chrome or firefox browser installed.

What does this service cost? Similar to in-person visits, the visit will be charged to your insurance. There is no up front charge, however if your insurance does not cover this service you will be billed for the price of service

What if I need to be seen again? If the doctor determines you need a same-day in-person visit, you will not be billed for your telemedicine visit. If your doctor determines that additional procedures or follow up visits will be required, your insurance will be billed for these visits as well.

How do I get started? Please call us at 563-588-0506 to schedule your appointment